.How to Clear Cache on Samsung S21 to Get Some Storage Space

How to Clear Cache on Samsung S21 to Get Some Storage Space

Do you clear cache on Samsung S21 regularly? You’d be surprised to know that not many users know what ‘clear cache’ is, so they are clueless on how to manage it. Although the clear cache isn’t mandatory, sometimes you have no choice but to use it. It’s because you may have encountered a lousy device’s performance or not-so-smooth operation. So, what should you know about clearing cache?

clear cache on samsung s21

Why clear cache on your Samsung S21 is Important?

You see, the phone has cache files where they store temporary data there to recall (associated) info fast when you access an app. For instance, Spotify may ‘cache’ your most accessed playlists so it doesn’t need to load the lists (which can also take a while) every time you open the app. Or Firefox may cache a big image within a regularly-visited site, so it doesn’t need to download that image each time you access the site and the page. Cache files make your device (and the system) have a more efficient operation and system running.

The problem with cache files is the fact that it’s handy only to the associated program. Spotify, for instance, won’t find the Facebook cache to be useful. When the app finds out that their stored (temporary) info is not useful anymore, it would discard the files. However, modern Android devices require you to remove those (cache) files individually – and you need to do it for every app.

As time goes by, those cache files would pile up, and it can lead to memory consumption problems. When it happens, your device may suffer from poor performance. The short of memory affects the way your device runs and performs.

Guide to clear cache your Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series

clear cache galaxy s21

  • Go to Settings, then tapBattery and device care.
  • Tap Optimise now.
  • Once complete, tap Done.

Clear the cache of a specific app on your Samsung S21

galaxy s21 clear app cache

  • Open your Samsung phone.
  • Go to ‘Settings’. Choose ‘Apps’ afterward.
  • Choose the ‘required apps”.
  • Click the option ‘Storage’.
  • Choose ‘Clear cache’.
  • Keep in mind that once you choose the option ‘Clear Storage’, you will delete all the data from the app. It’s like resetting the app to a brand-new and fresh state.

Clear Cache: What’s Next?

So, what happens after you have cleared out the cache? You may get some (storage) space and the app should go back to normal. But remember, you have removed the data (which makes the performance run fast and smooth), so expect a slower loading process next time.

Clear cache won’t cause you to log out. It won’t be responsible for major changes. So, you shouldn’t lose data, like browser bookmarks, gaming progress, or such thing alike.

The Benefits

There are some basic perks of clearing cache, such as:

  • It helps you manage and save (storage) space in short term. Mind you, though, that this is only a temporary solution.
  • When old cache files become corrupted, the app may suffer from performance issues. Deleting those files can help solve the problems.
  • Theoretically, old cache files may lead to privacy and security threats. You see, those cache files may have sensitive info which can be dangerous when unauthorized people can access those files.
  • If the app somewhat refuses to fetch a page’s latest version, the action to clear cache can force it for the newer update.

galaxy s21 internal storage remaining

Final Word of Advice

Despite the benefits, you shouldn’t regularly clear cache, especially doing it manually. The latest Android devices have their built-in technology to erase any unused file and it has worked quite well. Only do it manually when the app somewhat misbehaves (because of the corrupted files) or when you want to remove any personal info. But in the end, the knowledge to clear the cache on your Samsung S21 is useful, especially if you encounter system issues and you want to solve them.

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