.How to Enable USB Debugging on Galaxy S21 Easily

How to Enable USB Debugging on Galaxy S21 to Perform Various Activities

Knowing how to enable USB debugging on Galaxy S21 can be a piece of useful knowledge. If you like to tweak your device without completely dealing with too-technicalities of the procedure, then such a thing would be quite helpful. On the contrary to what people believe, such a way isn’t too complicated. As long as you know the basic stuff, you are quite covered.

Enable USB Debugging on Galaxy S21: Why You Need One?

Not many people realize that USB debugging, especially for Galaxy S21, is an important step. USB debugging refers to the way your phone can use Android SDK through the (simple) USB connection. So, whether you want to flash an image, custom the ROMs, install firmware, or root for your device, this way is quite crucial.

enable usb debugging on galaxy s21

Developers love USB debugging because it allows them to perform various activities and actions. They can transfer files (whether from or to PC), run commands, and do other important tasks. Since the way is available right under the (Android’s) Developer Options menu, such a way is super easy. Interested in learning how to manage it? Read on and you will learn how to do it most simply. If you want to perform extra steps, you are free to download a special USB driver that will prevent any issue of an unrecognized USB connection.

How to Perform USB Debugging on Galaxy S21

As it was mentioned before, the steps to perform USB debugging aren’t too technical, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Just follow these steps. Try to follow everything to the letter, if possible

  • Open your Galaxy S21.
  • Access the app drawer.
  • Choose ‘Settings’ and then opt for ‘About Phone or Device’.
  • Search for your Galaxy S21’s ‘Build Number’. This is a crucial part of this step.

enable developer options samsung s21

  • On that section (of the Build Number), tap for 7 times – 10 times would be the maximum number.
  • After the tapping, you should get a display (popup) message now. It says ‘You are a developer now.’
  • This action would unlock the menu ‘Developer Options’ within your device.

enable usb debugging on samsung s21

  • Go back to the main menu. Now you should be able to access the menu Developer Options. Once you are within the menu, feel free to check the option ‘USB Debugging’. There would be a prompt message whether you allow the USB debugging to take place. When prompted, simply press the button OK.

What if you have the earlier version of the Android operating system? In the event you have Android 2.3 (or even earlier), the steps would be different. Here’s how to manage it:

  • Access ‘Settings’ on your Galaxy S21 Scroll down. You should be able to see options ‘App Manager’ or ‘App’ or even ‘Applications’. They refer to the same process. Simply click on it.
  • Once you are within the section, scroll down. You should be able to see the option ‘Development’.
  • Click it. Now you can check whether it has the option ‘Enable USB Debugging
  • You are done.

The Next Steps

After you have activated the USB debugging feature on your phone, you should be able to transfer photos, videos, music, and others between your smartphone and your computer. Besides the USB, now you can choose between various types of tools and programs to help you connect to the desktop. Some of these tools offer complete services, while some only cover some services. But in an overall sense, you will enjoy greater freedom and flexibility once the USB debugging has been activated.


USB debugging enables you (and also your phone) to enjoy greater benefits from the operation. If you want to take the most benefits from it, at least you need to know the proper way to do it. After all, knowing how to enable USB debugging on Galaxy S21 won’t harm anyone.

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