.How to Create a New Galaxy S21 Group Message and Use It

How to Create a New Galaxy S21 Group Message and Use It

Creating a group message in a Samsung Galaxy S21 is useful if you want to send it with several receivers. The way to create the group message is also straightforward. Follow the instructions below to get your new Samsung Galaxy S21 group message.

galaxy s21 group message

Steps to create a group message on Samsung Galaxy S21

The Group Message feature allows you to send the same message to multiple contacts. The entire process of creating a group message is simple and takes under five minutes to complete.

  • Enter the Message App

Ensure that your Samsung Galaxy S21 is in the home screen position. Then, tap the message icon on the home screen. It is an app with a dialog bubble icon. You will see another dialog bubble icon on the screen. Now, it is on the bottom right of the screen. Tap it to create a new conversation.

  • Add Recipients

You will see a new page once you tap the new conversation icon. Start to type the phone numbers of people who will receive your message. You can start to type the name if you have kept their numbers on your contact.

create group message on samsung s21

Ensure that you type the same name with the name you use on the contact. Tap the name when it appears on the box. Repeat the steps until you enter all recipients. All the recipient’s phone numbers and all replies from the members will be visible to the entire group.

  • Enter a Message

Now, tap on the enter a message box. Type the message you want to share with the friends you have mentioned on the recipient box. Ensure that you have typed a complete message. If it is so, tap the send button.

It is a button with an arrow symbol next to the message box. Your message will appear on the timeline of the message It is between the recipients and message box. Samsung Galaxy S21 group message is also suitable for sending images or MMS or videos. Tap the message box once again if you want to reply to a new message. Type a new message and the send button.

Steps to send pictures and videos to the group message

How to send pictures and videos on the Samsung Galaxy S21 group message? Go to the group message or create a new group by following the steps above. The difference is that you should tap the gallery icon first.

The location of the icon is on the left side next to the enter a message box. It brings you to the gallery of your photos and videos on your Galaxy S21. You can see it on the bottom of the enter a message box.

send picture to group message on samsung galaxy s21

Tap on the images or videos you want to send. Then, tap the send button or a button with an arrow icon. Wait for a few moments to let the system send your files. The files should appear on the screen. The sending speed depends on your internet connection. Ensure that you have a strong internet connection while sending pictures and videos to a group message.

Creating a group message on Samsung Galaxy S21 is easy. Samsung Galaxy S21 group message is an effective option if there is something wrong with your regular messaging app.

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