How to Turn On/Off Predictive Text on Samsung Galaxy S21

predictive text on samsung galaxy s21

Typing a long message is more straightforward with a predictive text feature on Galaxy S21. The problem is that sometimes this feature is changing the word that you are typing to some other words. One of the solutions is turning off the predictive text temporarily. Learn how to turn off predictive text on Samsung Galaxy S21 below. Turn off predictive text on Samsung Galaxy S21 … Read more

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Tethering Samsung Galaxy S21: Share your Internet Connection to Other

tethering samsung galaxy s21

Tethering Samsung Galaxy S21 can come in handy on many occasions. For example, when doing some work with friends at a place without an internet connection. The sharing of the connectivity to the internet helps others to surf the online world. Of course, this kind of thing is never a difficult thing to do. Since the early time of the smartphone, it was a regular feature … Read more

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How to Create a New Galaxy S21 Group Message and Use It

galaxy s21 group message

Creating a group message in a Samsung Galaxy S21 is useful if you want to send it with several receivers. The way to create the group message is also straightforward. Follow the instructions below to get your new Samsung Galaxy S21 group message. Steps to create a group message on Samsung Galaxy S21 The Group Message feature allows you to send the same message to … Read more

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How to Wipe Cache Partition Samsung Galaxy S21

wipe cache partition samsung galaxy s21

A cache is a storage that holds accessed files and data on your Samsung Galaxy S21. This storage is limited and takes up space on the device. That’s why you should wipe the cache files regularly. Check the way to wipe cache partition Samsung Galaxy S21 below if it is your first time doing it. Steps to wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy S21 Some … Read more

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