How to Use Galaxy S21 as a Charger by Using PowerShare Feature

use galaxy s21 as a charger

Do you know that you can use Galaxy S21 as a charger? Keep in mind that such a technology isn’t available for all devices. And it isn’t available for all Samsung devices either. The company keeps the technology to only limited devices within their lineups. Of course, there are several good reasons why Samsung devices have such technology within their productions. Efficiency and advanced features … Read more

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Simple Steps to Restrict Background Data on Samsung Galaxy S21

restrict background data on galaxy s21

If you are already annoyed with your mobile bill, then maybe it’s time for you to restrict background data on Galaxy S21. It’s okay, it happens to almost every one of us. You, and many other people, may rely on Wifi for the time being. But sometimes you may need to rely on your mobile connection. Public wifi is available almost everywhere. But it doesn’t … Read more

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Three Easy Methods to Set up Voicemail on Galaxy S21

set up voicemail on galaxy s21

You may think that when you set up voicemail on Galaxy S21 is a complicated thing to do. That is a wrong misconception. There are three methods that you can do to set up a voicemail. These days, active communication is something to be expected. You, as well as everyone else, want your phone to stay online all the time. But when it’s not an … Read more

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How to Transfer Pictures from Galaxy S21 to Computer

transfer pictures from galaxy s21 to computer

Do you know how to transfer pictures from Galaxy S21 to computer? It’s quite unfortunate that not many people know that they can actually transfer their pictures back and forth from their phone to their desktop. This is actually a handy knowledge because you can always ‘move out’ your files and data once they fill up your device. It will prevent too much data being … Read more

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Show Battery Percentage on Galaxy S21: How to Make The Most of It

show battery percentage on galaxy s21

Having the battery percentage shown clearly so users can directly charge the phone whenever the battery is low. When a battery is getting lower without any fast action to charge, it will influence the overall phone system. For smartphones, a battery is a key to keep them working well. A ruined battery will also ruin the overall system of the smartphone. Show battery percentage on … Read more

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