.How to – Page 6 – Galaxy S21 User Manual

How to Schedule Text Message on Samsung Galaxy S21

schedule text message galaxy s21

Did you know that it is surprisingly easy to schedule a text message on Galaxy S21? Seriously speaking, it’s as easy as sending the text right away but with some minor adjustments. Sometimes you wonder if you can send a text at a specific time. Maybe you don’t want to miss a birthday. Or maybe you need a reminder of another meeting without disturbing the … Read more

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How to Use Build in Screen Recorder on Samsung Galaxy S21

screen recorder on galaxy s21

If you are interested in the new lineup of Galaxy S21, you probably want to learn more about screen recorder on Galaxy S21. It’s a new feature that is claimed to be better than other brands and the technologies are more advanced. What can you do with this feature, anyway? Well, if you like sharing experiences and moments, this would be just the perfect one … Read more

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How to Screenshot on Galaxy S21 to Get Some Nice Pictures

screenshot on galaxy s21

It’s okay if you don’t understand how to screenshot on Galaxy S21. Many people are not aware that it’s an easy thing to do. You only need to do a couple of things to take a screenshot. Many people choose to have a screenshot as a way to take pictures. It’s easier than looking for another picture with a higher resolution. Most people use a … Read more

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