.How to Use One Handed Mode on Samsung S21 Series

How to Use One Handed Mode on Samsung S21 Series

One handed mode is one of many features that have been implemented on different smartphone brands. Due to its practicality, Samsung also equipped one of their recent releases, the Galaxy S21, with this feature. However, some new Galaxy S21 users might find it difficult to enable this feature on their smartphones. So, in this article, we will give you some explanations and steps to activate the one handed mode on Samsung S21.

one handed mode on samsung s21

Enable and use one handed mode on Samsung S21

Following the current trend, Samsung also equipped their S21 phone with Samsung One handed Mode. This feature is widely used for the Galaxy S21 Ultra variant due to its wider screen compared to other S21 variants. However, due to some UI unfamiliarity, some users might find it hard to access this feature. So, here’s how to use one hand mode Samsung S21.

  • Activate your Samsung S21 and open Settings.
  • Once you do that, select Advanced features.
  • Next, select One handed Mode.
  • Tap on the switch to toggle it On/ Off.

samsung s21 one handed mode

  • Once One handed Mode is enabled, select one of the two available options to scale down your display .
  • If you select Gesture, you will be able to scale down the display by swiping down from the center to the bottom of the screen.
  • If you select Button, you have to activate the One handed Mode by tapping the Home button twice.
  • Once you select one of those methods, go ahead and try it.
  • Adjust the display size by dragging the corner of the screen outwards (indicated with a small triangle icon).
  • To adjust the display placement, select the upper icon on the side of the display.
  • To exit this mode, tap on the blank area of the screen.

Samsung S21 One handed mode feature

Due to the trend of bigger smartphone screen sizes, some smartphone manufacturers implemented the One handed mode in their smartphone model. One handed mode enables users to access and operate their smartphones with one hand.

This is done by bringing the display screen closer to the thumb. Moreover, users will be given the option to scale down their display window screen to a desirable size. It is also possible to put the screen on the left or right side of the smartphone screen for easier access with either left or right hand.

How can One handed Mode be useful?

There are several scenarios in which you will find the One handed Mode to be useful. Obviously, it will mostly be useful while multitasking. Other than that, it will be useful for people with tiny hands. Here’s an example: You’re cooking a new dish and require you to operate your phone at the same time to see the recipe on your phone. By using One handed Mode, you will be able to flip and stir your dish with one of your hands while operating the phone with the other hand.

In conclusion, the One handed mode enables users to operate their big smartphone with one hand. Practically, it is used for people who multitask or people with small hands. Accessing the one-hand mode Samsung S21 is easy. You just have to follow the previously mentioned instruction to enable this feature. Once you follow those instructions, you’ll be able to use One handed Mode with ease.

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