.How to Reset Apps Preferences on Galaxy S21 with Very Easy Steps

How to Reset Apps Preferences on Galaxy S21 with Very Easy Steps

When you start to notice that your phone is getting laggy when loading an app, then maybe it’s time to reset apps preferences on Galaxy S21. Having both RAM and storage full is possible. Even for the Samsung Galaxy S21 that has up to 8GB ROM with 128GB storage.

As you know, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is the flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant. Despite the popularity and hefty price, a lot of Samsung users choose this phone for practical reasons. But using a high-end phone doesn’t mean that you won’t face problems as other regular phone users have.

reset apps preferences on galaxy s21

Keep in mind that resetting the apps means that you are logged out and removing all usage history on the phone. The app will be new again. This is the difference with clearing app cache. When you clear the cache, the data remains so you can use the app without hassle.

Anyway, you may have to re-download all of the previous data. Of course, you can uninstall the app altogether. However, resetting the data can be a good solution for someone who wants to have a sabbatical from a specific app.

When do you need to reset apps preferences on Galaxy S21

To reset the apps preferences, you need to go to the settings. You can use either the home screen or the app drawer. Go to the Apps then select the three dots on the top right.

reset apps preferences samsung

Three options will appear, then you have to select Reset app preferences. then there will be a notification that you really want to choose Reset, you have to press that and then done.

reset apps preferences samsung s21

If there is no difference and you still have issues with the phone, then you may need to reset another app to clear the storage space. Keep repeating the steps until you can scroll smoothly and have no problem loading a lot of apps.

How often should you reset apps

You don’t have to reset your apps preferences on daily basis. You just need to do this when your storage is almost full or when your apps are getting laggy. Many people blame the phone’s RAM and not realizing that it can be the app itself.

Some apps can take a lot of storage space without you realizing it. Therefore, it’s best if you check on the apps regularly to see if you need to clear cache or reset them altogether. If you use the app on a daily basis, you may need to clear cache or reset it all together once a week.

galaxy s21 internal storage

Samsung Galaxy S21 series may have a large storage space, but it is still void of expandable storage space. So, you may need to check the storage more often than you like. At any rate, don’t forget to do the necessary backup before you reset the app.

When it comes to reset apps preferences on Galaxy S21, it’s best to choose which app you want to reset. Keep in mind that there’s the option to reset your phone and start over. But you know how troublesome that can be. So just choose which apps that you think are giving you much trouble and reset them.

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