.Simple Steps to Restrict Background Data on Samsung Galaxy S21

Simple Steps to Restrict Background Data on Samsung Galaxy S21

If you are already annoyed with your mobile bill, then maybe it’s time for you to restrict background data on Galaxy S21. It’s okay, it happens to almost every one of us. You, and many other people, may rely on Wifi for the time being. But sometimes you may need to rely on your mobile connection.

Public wifi is available almost everywhere. But it doesn’t mean that you can stay connected all the time. Many people are reluctant to use the data connection to stay online because of the background data. The background data is necessary but also annoying at the same time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that several apps need the background data to stay running. Most of the social media apps and instant messaging ones are to name a few. Turning them off means you will receive messages and notifications way much later when you have wifi.

restrict background data on galaxy s21

If you are aware of the consequences and ready to see a lot of notices at once. Feel free to set most of your apps on data restriction. There are public wifi that is available everywhere. You still can stay online by connecting to one of those free wifi.

How do you can restrict background data on Galaxy S21

To restrict data usage overall, you can just switch to airplane or flight mode and rely on wifi only. However, when you do this, you won’t be able to do any text and phone call. It is the most data-saver mode, but it’s not without a price.

galaxy s21 data usage

Anyway, to restrict your data usage. You need to go to the settings. Swipe down the notification bar on your Samsung Galaxy S21 and tap the cog icon to enter the settings. Once you are in the setting, tap on the connections and then the data usage.

You can see which apps use more data in the background and overall. You can choose by sorting the app or scroll down until you find the app you want to restrict. Tap on the option to allow background usage for the app to turn it off.

disable background data galaxy s21

When you have several apps you want to restrict, you need to do that step a couple of times. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn it off in a bulk.

Restricting the data usage means that the apps won’t be using your mobile network until you allow them to. You will receive all the notices and messages when you are online on wifi. You can circumvent this situation by checking the app several times. Restricting the background data will also save your battery.

Why do you need to make the restrictions

The most obvious reason is that restricting the data can save you some bytes on your mobile network. But another important reason is that you have more control over when and where your data is being online.

public wifi connection

Being online on public wifi connection puts your data at risk. Your personal information and every detail about you that you put on your phone is being at risk when you connect to the coffee shop’s wifi. That is why you see many pieces of advice and reminders to not do any banking or important transaction when you’re on a public network.

There are several downsides to restricting data usage. But ultimately, this is a good way to manage your data and eventually screen time. Many people do not realize yet that simply restrict background data on Galaxy S21 helps them to be more productive and juggle between life and work. You should try it for a day and see how it goes.

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