Samsung Galaxy S21 Wireless Charging Issues and How to Fix Them

Wireless charging is a relatively new invention for a smartphone. Through this technology, users don’t need to connect their phone with a USB cable for battery recharge. This creates a clutter-free charging port that is also easier to use. For this reason, Samsung implemented this technology on their Galaxy S21 phone. However, some users reported that they found some issues regarding Galaxy S21 wireless charging. So in this article, we will walk you through some of them to understand how to fix them.

Samsung Galaxy S21 wireless charging issues

Samsung implemented wireless charging technology in their recent smartphone release, the Galaxy S21. The reason behind this implementation is to create a faster and easier-to-use battery charger. However, some users reported some issues when they recharged their Galaxy S21 on a wireless charger. These issues can be classified into hardware and software issues.

Here’s how to fix some of the software issues in Galaxy S21 wireless charging.

  • Make sure to enable the Wireless Charging feature

Before using the wireless charger, make sure you got the wireless charging feature enabled.

enable fast wireless charging on samsung s21


    • Open Settings.
    • Select Battery and Device Care.
    • Select Battery, then tap on More battery settings.
    • Enable the Fast wireless charging option by pressing the toggle.
  • Restart the phone

This solution will fix the Galaxy S21 wireless charging issue caused by a system glitch. To restart your Galaxy S21, you have to:

restart galaxy s21

    • Press and hold the power button on your phone, located on the right side of the phone.
    • Wait until Power off option appear and select Restart.
    • Wait until the restart process is finished.
    • Check whether the wireless charging is working.
  • Turn off the Fast cable charging

Some users have reported that they solved the Galaxy S21 wireless charging issue by disabling the Fast cable charging option. To disable it, you have to:

turn off fast cable charging on samsung galaxy s21

    • Open Settings.
    • Select Device Care then select Battery.
    • Tap on Charging.
    • Turn of the Fast Charging by pressing the toggle Off.

Hardware issues

Other than the software, your Galaxy S21 wireless charging issue might likely be caused by the hardware you’re using.  There are two common problems that most users encounter.

First, Some users reported that they are unable to use the fast recharge feature when they use a non-Samsung wireless charger. This is possibly due to the charger’s incompatibility with the Galaxy S21. Therefore, make sure that you use a Samsung-approved wireless charger to avoid this problem.

galaxy s21 wireless charging issues

Second, if you find out that your phone won’t recharge at all, it might be caused by the phone case that you use. So, removing the phone case during battery recharge should fix the problem. Other than that, you may put the phone incorrectly on the wireless charger.

In conclusion, while easier to use, some issues can still be found in the Galaxy S21 wireless charging. Some problems occur due to software issues, while others are due to hardware issues. Following the previously stated instruction should fix either of those problems easily. But, if the problem still remains unsolved, it is best to ask Samsung customer service for the right solution.

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