.How to Fix Samsung S21 Notification Sound Problems

How to Fix Samsung S21 Notification Sound Problems

Notification is important to alert you for any important messages or updates from different apps. For that reason, Samsung implemented the notification sound feature in Samsung Galaxy S21 series. However, some users reported that there is an issue regarding the Samsung S21 notification sound. In this article, we will walk you through all of those issues and how to solve them.

samsung s21 notification sound

Samsung S21 notification sound not working

After its initial release in January 2021, some Galaxy S21 users reported some issues regarding the notification sound in this phone. One of those issues includes the problem of notification sound suddenly not working. This issue is expressed by different users of various variants of the Galaxy S21 including Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Plus. There are several ways to solve it. It may include:

  • Enabling sound mode

Make sure that your Samsung S21 has it’s Sound Mode enabled. Follow these instructions to do that:

enabling sound mode galaxy s21

    • Click on Settings and select Sound and Vibration.
    • Select Sound under Sound mode option.
    • Turn on the notification bar by choosing Settings.
    • Select Sounds and Vibration.
    • Click on Volume and choose notification.
  • Resetting to the default

Restoring your settings to the default is also a possible way to fix this issue.

resetting to the defaul galaxy s21

    • Open Settings on your Galaxy S21.
    • Choose General Management.
    • Tap on the Reset option.
    • Select Reset setting and tap.
  •  Enabling Safe Mode

Some poorly-made apps could be the main culprit of the Samsung S21 notification sound issue. Enabling safe mode will disable all of those apps so you can detect which app caused this issue.

safe mode galaxy s21

    • Press and hold the power button on your S21.
    • After that, select and hold the Power off option.
    • Tap on the Safe mode option when it appears on your screen.
    • Check whether the notification is working.
    • Exit Safe mode by restarting your phone.

Issue on notification sounds for different apps

Some Samsung Galaxy S21 users also reported that notification sound for various apps in this phone seems to be missing. Instead, some apps’ signature notification sound is replaced with Samsung’s generic notification sound. While some users don’t get bothered by this, other users express disappointment over this issue.

If you experienced this problem in your Samsung S21, there are several methods that you can do to fix it. The first option is by uninstalling and reinstalling some apps in which the issue is found. While it might sound tedious, this solution seems to be working. The other solution is by doing a factory reset on your phone. Please be aware that factory resetting your phone will delete all data on your phone. Moreover, please note that this method should be used as a last resort.

In conclusion, several issues can be found regarding Samsung S21 notification sound. In addition to that, the different problems require different methods to solve them. If you encounter one of those previously mentioned issues on your Samsung Galaxy S21, don’t be afraid to try one of those steps. If you tried those steps and the issue still remained, it is best to call Samsung customer support for professional help.

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