How to Schedule Text Message on Galaxy S21 Ultra

It is very convenient to know how to schedule a text message on Galaxy S21 Ultra. It is handy for many purposes. For example, it can be a form of reminder about an appointment or meeting. It works better than the feature of reminder itself for that purpose. Of course, it is an easy thing to do. There is no need to incorporate an additional application for this matter. The standard messaging or texting application on this phone will do the job seamlessly. Check out how to do this correctly.

schedule text message on galaxy s21 ultra

Steps to schedule a text message on your Galaxy S21 Ultra

The general idea of this thing is the same scheduling an email for later. The Gmail app from Google can send an email at later times. Nevertheless, some users may find this a surprising feature because they have never done it before. It requires only a few minor adjustments to standard texting that reach the other end immediately. So, it is pivotal to know about the necessary alterations when texting to send it for specific occasions at some later times.

  • Find and open the Messages application on the phone.
  • Open an existing conversation or start a new one. Specify the receiver of the text first when opening a new one.

galaxy s21 ultra schedule message

  • Tap the Plus icon at the bottom left corner of the screen next to the text bar.
  • Find the Schedule Message option on the new list of menus. If the option is not visible, look for the More icon on the right side of the screen.
  • A new screen will appear that shows a calendar. Select the desired date and time to send the message. Tap Done afterward to save the date and time and return to the texting screen.

create schedule text message galaxy s21 ultra

  • Enter the message for the receiver accordingly.
  • Tap the Send button on the right side of the screen.

It is easy to schedule a text on Galaxy S21 Ultra. After tapping the Send button, the message will appear on the screen as a regular conversation. On the left of the message is a clock icon with a specific time for the text itself. Above the text is the date and day for the schedule of the text. It is possible to do this kind of thing for several messages. There is no need to worry about the delivery. It will reach the receiver according to the schedule.

Why Scheduling a Text Message?

Without a doubt, there are numerous reasons to do this thing. Among the most common reasons is to send a happy birthday message to anyone. It is easy to send this particular greeting at the right time by using this feature of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Moreover, it is also possible to do this as a kind of marketing campaign blast. Regardless of the purpose of doing this, it is a handy feature. Even for the modern smartphone of today, it is top-notch. More importantly, it requires nothing else but the app to schedule a text on Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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