How to Schedule Text Message on Samsung Galaxy S21

Did you know that it is surprisingly easy to schedule a text message on Galaxy S21? Seriously speaking, it’s as easy as sending the text right away but with some minor adjustments.

Sometimes you wonder if you can send a text at a specific time. Maybe you don’t want to miss a birthday. Or maybe you need a reminder of another meeting without disturbing the current one and offend the person you’re talking to.

schedule text message galaxy s21

Well, now you can rest assured that you won’t miss any milestones or be taken as impolite. You also can stay on top of your work performance as you can send a text for a specific date and time. If you’re working in marketing and need to send some reminders or make a follow-up call to your potential customers, a scheduled text is the right answer.

How to schedule text message on your Galaxy S21

It is very easy to schedule a text message on your Samsung Galaxy S21. First, you go to the messaging app and choose any conversation or start a new one. But before you start typing your message, you have to set the time and date first. The next step will explain why.

galaxy s21 schedule message

Tap on the plus icon to load a new menu. Once you see the extra menu, tap on the schedule message option. Then set the date and time based on when you want the message to send. Tap Done to return to the conversation and you can start typing your message.

create schedule text message galaxy s21

Once you have typed your message, you can click the send button. Don’t worry, your message will send at the scheduled time. This is why we told you to set the schedule before typing the message. So, you won’t accidentally be sending the message right away and ruin your whole plan.

The scheduled text is perfect for all important appointments and special occasions. And now you don’t have to worry that you will miss any of them.

There are a lot of advantages to having a scheduled text message. It’s more than just having multiple reminders. It also works for when you know you will be in a sticky situation and need an excuse. Anyhow, keep in mind that you need to have enough credit available for a text. At any rate, it’s still a regular text and your mobile provider will charge you accordingly.

Why you should scheduling your text message?

Scheduling a message can be an answer if you tend to be forgetful. You can use it to send a reminder to your loved ones. A scheduled text also works great if you often missed birthdays or other important milestones.

happy birthday

But more importantly, it works great as a reminder for when you are busy and have multiple appointments for the day. Other than having to set multiple reminders and often missed them.

You also can ask a friend or a colleague to send you the scheduled texts to help you with your tasks and appointments. And if they don’t know how you can teach them using this guide or just refer them to this page.

Anyway, now you know how to schedule a text message on Galaxy S21. Feel free to try sending a scheduled text message to a friend or family member. Feel free to boast that you won’t forget to send them messages anymore. At any rate, you are just utilizing your Samsung Galaxy S21 by being a smart user and using most of their features. It’s still unknown if there is a similar feature on instant messaging apps.

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  1. My S21 Ultra will let me schedule the text and I get the clock next to the grayed out message as if it is scheduled, but then the message never sends. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but this feature isn’t working for me.


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