.Three Easy Methods to Set up Voicemail on Galaxy S21

Three Easy Methods to Set up Voicemail on Galaxy S21

You may think that when you set up voicemail on Galaxy S21 is a complicated thing to do. That is a wrong misconception. There are three methods that you can do to set up a voicemail. These days, active communication is something to be expected. You, as well as everyone else, want your phone to stay online all the time. But when it’s not an option, then you can rely on the voicemail to stay connected.

Voicemail is not as outdated as many people think. Despite the large usage of instant messengers with voice notes, many people still choose to leave voicemails instead. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy S21, you can keep on reading to find out how to set the voicemail voicemail on your phone.

set up voicemail on galaxy s21

Easy Methods to set up voicemail on Galaxy S21

You can set the voicemail in your Samsung Galaxy S21 using three different methods. It doesn’t matter whichever method you use, as it will give you the same result. You will have an active voicemail that will receive the messages your friends left for you. Let’s follow the simple guide below.

  • Set up voicemail by selecting and holding the 1 key from the Phone app

This method may be the easiest method among all three. All you have to do is to open the phone app and press 1 for a while. You will get a prompt to enter your voicemail password.

galaxy s21 voicemail set up

The following instruction may differ among the cellular providers. But it’s essentially the same thing. You will have to enter your password and set the greeting you want to use.

And that is the first method. There are still two more methods that you can use to set your voicemail.

  • Save voicemail number on your Samsung Galaxy S21

This method may be a little complicated. But it’s actually how people set their voicemails back in the day. It is one of the first methods that people are familiar with when setting up their voicemails.

set up voicemail samsung s21

You need to go to the phone app and press the three dots to open the setting option. Once there, go to the voicemail setting. You will see your voicemail numbers in green. Copy the numbers as you need them later.

Return to the phone dial and paste the numbers you just copied. Call the numbers by pressing the green button. And that’s it, you just set your voicemail.

  • Install visual voicemail app from your carriers

The third method is similar to the first one. You need to open the app drawer and choose the keypad app. Then select the voicemail icon. Select continue and ok to confirm your choice.

There are two other options if you want to set a voicemail on your Galaxy S21. You can use a separate app from your mobile provider, or install a visual voicemail app.

The visual voicemail is an app that allows you to set your voicemail for your devices. You can set and check your voicemails using this app. It simplifies the whole method. And you can set it on any handset you have.

visual voicemail app

When you want to listen to a voicemail, you can check through the voicemail app and choose which message you want to listen to. Keep in mind that some providers may not keep the messages forever and they are charging you for those messages. Always check the plan before you’re setting up your voicemail.

As you know, it’s not difficult at all to set up voicemail on Galaxy S21.  You can try these methods on any other smartphone. But since it’s for Samsung Galaxy S21 series, some settings may be different. And now that you have set your voicemail, you can stay connected with all of your friends and colleagues.

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  1. None of the instructions above work for my new S21 FE 5G. The VM phone number is already found in the Phone Settings/Voicemail/Voicemail number box.
    So when I press/hold keypad 1 on dialer, the phone calls that number and the voice response says: “I’m sorry, the person you called does not have a voicmail box that has not been setup yet. Good bye”. And they hang up.
    Now what?


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