.Show Battery Percentage on Galaxy S21: How to Make The Most of It

Show Battery Percentage on Galaxy S21: How to Make The Most of It

Having the battery percentage shown clearly so users can directly charge the phone whenever the battery is low. When a battery is getting lower without any fast action to charge, it will influence the overall phone system. For smartphones, a battery is a key to keep them working well. A ruined battery will also ruin the overall system of the smartphone. Show battery percentage on Galaxy S21 is much easier than any user might have imagined before. Some users only count on the battery icon that is located at the top of the phone display. Here’s how.

Show battery percentage on Galaxy S21, What’s the Benefit?

The benefit of having the battery percentage shown in a phone is because of the accuracy that it has. Every phone indeed has a status bar that shows the battery level. The fact is that the level of battery from the status bar is not too accurate. It may be lower than it is supposed to be.

show battery percentage on galaxy s21

Besides, it is not very comfortable when users have to find the exact percentage by checking the battery from the quick setting. They have to swipe down frequently. It takes time and is very bothering. For Samsung Galaxy S21, owners need to make sure that the battery works well all the time. When the phone is exhausted of the energy from the battery, it will work harder because this phone has more features than any of its predecessors. It is important to charge the battery right away when it indicates lower than 30%. So, if you are any of the owners of this sophisticated phone, then you can keep on reading to find out the best way to show the battery percentage through several ways below.

Advanced Setting Option

The first one is by using the Advanced Setting. Of course, users should choose the Settings app on their Samsung Galaxy S21. Then, they can go pull down the Notification tab. There will be some options in which they should choose Settings. 

battery percentage galaxy s21

In the Settings menu, there are several choices. Opt for Advanced Settings. It usually sits at the bottom of the menu. There is an exact choice of Enable Show battery percentage. Here, users can easily turn on the switch.

Choose Device Care

The best thing about Samsung Galaxy S21 is the availability of excellent features that no other manufacturer provides. Even the previous series might not have an advanced setting called Device Care. Choosing this method is much easier, in which users only have to access the menu.

The first thing to do is to go directly to the Settings app. Find the battery icon by swiping down. There will be an option called Battery and Device Care. Click on it and go on choosing Battery. There are several options there like Power Saving Mode, Background Usage Limit, Wireless Power Sharing, and More Battery Setting. So, choose this one.

display battery percentage on galaxy s21

The menu More Battery Setting will show off several choices to turn on and off. Choices include Adaptive Battery, Show Battery Percentage, and Show Charging Information. Of course, users should choose the second option. 

Any of those methods can show off the accurate battery percentage. Charging is much easier and more convenient. Besides, this phone is already equipped with a fast-charging mode. Charging at the right time, without any worries about running out of battery can save the phone’s life.

Show battery percentage on Galaxy S21 should be taken as a great advantage for owners. They can keep their battery stable so their phone will last more than they expect. This is especially for those who spend lots of time outdoor or use their phone for playing online games.

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