Split Screen on Galaxy S21: How to Activate and Use this Feature

The demand to be able to multitask sure make you wonder if you can have a split screen on Galaxy S21. Well, the short answer is, yes you can. But of course, it’s not something that many people are aware of. Sadly, they choose to switch apps and risk losing their works instead of working side by side.

The split screen technology has been popular since a couple of years ago. As you know, some apps are still running in the background after you switch to other apps. This explains why you still receive messages from your friends even when you were watching videos on Youtube.

split screen on galaxy s21

Even though split-screen or multi windows are available on any Android since more than three years ago, it only recently got very popular.

Why do you need the split screen on Galaxy S21

Of course, there are times when you wish that you have two screens at once. Just so you can work easily. Whether it’s editing an image based on the guide, or something else. Having two screens can help you to be more productive.

But what if you’re not so lucky to have two screens available, or you are always on the go. There is always a logistic issue and you may not want to risk breaking an electronic device. And there are other issues of carrying two screens at once.

Don’t forget that two screens must be working and equal in response and processing speed. This raises another problem, which is a financial one. It’s another case if you have no problem dipping your pocket deep for multiple devices at once. But if you have spent a considerable sum to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S21, then you may hesitate to purchase another one.

Thankfully there is split-screen technology so you can forget the logistical and financial nightmare. You don’t have to purchase multiple phones or carry around a lot of devices when you need to work on two things at once.

How to activate split screen

It is very easy to have a split screen on your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It only takes several taps and clicks, and you are set.

First, you need to have several apps open. Then you tap the menu button on the bottom left to have those apps. Swipe to choose which app you want to have on the split screen.

galaxy s21 split screen

There are two ways for this. You can tap the split screen button right away to have the selected app as the first or top app. Or you tap the app icon and choose view in split-screen. If you’re unsure whether the app supports split screen or not, you can choose the second method.

Then you can tap the menu button again and swipe to look for the second app to see in split-screen. You can adjust the size of each window by pinching the line between the apps. You can move the line in any direction to resize the window until however, you see fit.

To return to the regular view, you just need to press the home button and tap the close icon on top to close the split screen view. Now you can work without having to worry about missing out on anything since you can watch your group chat at the same time.

Keep in mind that some apps may not support split-screen. You can see this when you try to have a split screen on Galaxy S21 and the split screen option is in grey. But don’t let that discourage you as many other apps allow split-screen functionality.

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