How to Stop Pop Ups on Galaxy S21 Easily and Quickly

Can you stop pop ups on Galaxy S21? Pop-ups, especially ads are very bothering. They can don’t only make our activities stop for a while, but they can slow down our phones. Unfortunately, these ads are actually from the manufacturer itself. It can be that the manufacturer considers that ads on their smartphones can bring effective impact to their marketing effort. This method can be effective or not, depending on users’ demands.

Is it Possible to Stop Pop Ups on Samsung Galaxy S21?

Just admit that you are upset with those pop ups. Sometimes, you are even surprised why those pop ups are there. You might have thought that those ads are due to the virus or malware that may attack your phone. The fact is that you should face the truth that those ads are already there.

stop pop ups on galaxy s21

Fortunately, it is possible to remove all of those pop ups. Yet, this method is proven to be effective in getting rid of most of them. However, there are some ads that may not be able to get rid of from the Galaxy S21 smartphones. Here is a little secret: it is recommended not to sign in to Samsung account.

This is the fact that rare Samsung users know. However, some users in several countries don’t think that they have to register for this account. They might only know that they have to log in to their Google account because they need to access many applications. They rarely consider the importance of Samsung Account.

But, users of Galaxy21 mostly need to sign in to this account. This is because there are features that they need to use after signing in. Having a Samsung account is indeed beneficial for some people, particularly for those who want to gain more access to several facilities like business transactions, games, and many more.

Without signing up for Samsung account, users still can use their Galaxy S21 or S21 Ultra. But, they might not be able to use several interesting features like Samsung Pay, Galaxy Store or Samsung Rewards, Samsung Health, and many more. But, for some people, those features are highly beneficial. They have no choice other than to sign up and start using their Samsung account. So, it is better to make a decision. If you are one of those Galaxy S21 owners who want to make the most of Samsung features, keep on reading to get rid of pop ups.

Removing Part of Those Pop Ups

Below, these steps will limit the pop ups on Galaxy S21. But of course, the ads won’t be removed completely. But at least, there are very few pop ups that might not affect users at all. As always, any user has to access Settings. This is the main feature for everyone to change almost anything. Afterward, find YOUR ACCOUNT. There will be several menus, including PRIVACY. This is what you should choose.

stop pop ups from privacy settings

stop pop ups ads from privacy settings

After choosing PRIVACY, then there will be options. Opt for CUSTOMIZATION SERVICE. There will be an option CUSTOMIZED ADS AND DIRECT MARKETING. The check box should be empty when you don’t want to see pop ups.

Usually, pop ups relate to the Galaxy Store offers. If you don’t want to get any notification, then you can choose mute notification from this app. Again, access SETTINGS and choose Apps. There will be available apps on your phone and then you should check the GALAXY STORE. Then, you can opt for NOTIFICATIONS. There, you can uncheck PROMOTIONS.

So, stop pop ups on Galaxy S21 is not that hard. It is as simple as not signing in to Samsung Account, or you can just uncheck the features that allow those pops ups for showing up.  If the pop ups still appear, please go to the Official Samsung Support here to set up everything needed.

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