.Tethering Samsung Galaxy S21: Share your Internet Connection to Other

Tethering Samsung Galaxy S21: Share your Internet Connection to Other

Tethering Samsung Galaxy S21 can come in handy on many occasions. For example, when doing some work with friends at a place without an internet connection. The sharing of the connectivity to the internet helps others to surf the online world. Of course, this kind of thing is never a difficult thing to do. Since the early time of the smartphone, it was a regular feature of any device. Nevertheless, there may well be some changes to the steps in doing it the right way.

tethering samsung galaxy s21

How to share internet connection from Samsung Galaxy S21

It takes only about 10 minutes to do this thing. There are several steps to ensure that others can use the connection to the web from the Samsung Galaxy S21. Of course, it requires the device to have an active SIM card with access to the internet. Without that, there is nothing to share with others through the tethering feature of the phone. So, check on that matter first before attempting to do it. Follow these steps to do this the right and easy way.

  • Unlock the screen and slide down the notifications panel. Activate the mobile connectivity on the phone by tapping on the antenna symbol.
  • Open the app drawer of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and look for the Settings icon. It is the famous gear icon on the drawer.
  • Go to the settings section and look for the specific option to alter the connectivity. It can be Connections, Wireless and Networks, or Network and Internet.

turn on mobile hotspot on galaxy s21

  • In that section, go to Mobile Hotspot and Tethering or Tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot. Depending on the operating system version, it can also be Wi-Fi Hotspot or Connection Sharing.
  • Move the slider next to the menu Mobile Hotspot to activate this feature. It is also possible to share this via Bluetooth by activating the slider next to Bluetooth Tethering.
  • Once this feature is active, it is possible to alter the password and the connection name.

Tethering Samsung Galaxy S21 is ready for other devices to connect to it. As long as the internet is active, other devices will benefit from it. If another device cannot use this feature, ensure that the hotspot list is not too crowded.

Tethering or Hotspot Not Working

At some point, this feature may not work appropriately for some reason. The best way to deal with this issue is to repeat the process all over again. If the problem persists, it is best to restart the device and try it one more time. If the device is working right, the issue might be on the internet provider’s side. Contacting customer support can be helpful on this matter.

It is best to tell the owners to deactivate the automatic download feature. It prevents their devices from downloading updates over Wi-Fi connectivity. All in all, it is an easy thing to do that can be beneficial in many ways. The steps of tethering Samsung Galaxy S21 will work on other devices to get the same result.

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