How to Transfer Pictures from Galaxy S21 to Computer

Do you know how to transfer pictures from Galaxy S21 to computer? It’s quite unfortunate that not many people know that they can actually transfer their pictures back and forth from their phone to their desktop. This is actually a handy knowledge because you can always ‘move out’ your files and data once they fill up your device. It will prevent too much data being stored at the same device, which may affect your device’s performance.

transfer pictures from galaxy s21 to computer

Why Transfer Pictures from Galaxy S21 to Computer?

The ability to transfer data (from your phone to your PC, and vice versa) isn’t only limited to the pictures. Basically, your phone can be connected to your PC so you can access your device’s photos, data, messages, and others. Users even say that you can receive calls (on the PC) once you have setup the connection. This is a convenient feature that is quite helpful for general users as it makes everything runs more efficiently and effectively.

Transfer pictures using Link to Windows app

Link to Windows is an application that interworks with your compatible Samsung phone and PC through your Microsoft account. Before you start, you need to make sure that you have Windows 10 and Microsoft account. Check whether that Windows 10 has been running on 1803 version (higher is preferred). Keep in mind that when you make the account, you basically sign in to Microsoft’s entire services and devices (including Windows 10 and Microsoft Office).

  • Setup Link to Windows

    • Open your Galaxy S21. Go to ‘Settings’ and then scroll down. Tap on ‘Advanced Features’ option. Within this section, you should now be able to see ‘Link to Windows’. There is a slider next to it, which you can slide to disable or enable.
    • Choose the option ‘Link to Windows’. You will be taken to the next screen with a button ‘Link your PC and phone’. You need to click it. Enable ‘Your Phone Companion’ to access the pictures. It requires QR reader.
    • In the event you don’t have any (Microsoft) account, click ‘Create One’. There would be instructions that you can follow in order to make yourself an account.

    • On your PC, there would be instructions where you need to access your browser and visit a site. Once you do it, your (smartphone) app would be opened in Windows and a QR code would be displayed. Use the reader (on the phone) to perform the scan
    • You are required to tap a button (on your phone) to allow Windows 10 access. And then you need to confirm it on your PC. If everything goes as the procedures, you should now be able to see the account (in which you are connected).
    • On your PC, the app ‘Your Phone’ will change. Now you can see a welcome message. To move on, choose ‘Get Started’. Give it a time as the app’s interface will load.
  • Managing notifications from your PC

    • If you want to access calls and notifications, they need extra setup and permissions. There would be instructions on the PC if you want to enable them. What if you want to keep the calls and notifications disabled? That’s fine. It means that you just stick to accessing photos and messages only.
    • Your Phone app has a new feature, called as ‘Apps’. It allows you to access apps from your PC as well as your phone. On your PC, open the apps and then click on one of the available icons.

Transfer pictures from Galaxy S21 to Computer  without USB

You will need an extra tool or program for this action. You will have to download and then install it. There are plenty of them out there, but let’s use one example: AirMore. Again, this is only an example, so feel free to use any tool that you want.

  • Download and install the tool. Open it on your phone.
  • You should be able to see the option ‘Scan to Connect’ on the phone. Click on it so you can scan the (QR) code. Otherwise, you can choose your phone within the ‘Radar’. It’s on the website.

  • Then there would be a notification window on your phone with connection request. Just click ‘Accept’.
  • When connection has been successfully made, click ‘Pictures’ icon.
  • Choose the pictures (which you want to transfer) and then choose ‘Export


Whether you want the longer way (transfer your picture using USB connection) or the shorter way (without USB), the choice is yours. As long as you know how to transfer pictures from Galaxy S21 to computer easily, you can pick the most convenient way.

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