How to Turn On/Off Predictive Text on Samsung Galaxy S21

Typing a long message is more straightforward with a predictive text feature on Galaxy S21. The problem is that sometimes this feature is changing the word that you are typing to some other words. One of the solutions is turning off the predictive text temporarily. Learn how to turn off predictive text on Samsung Galaxy S21 below.

predictive text on samsung galaxy s21

Turn off predictive text on Samsung Galaxy S21 via the Settings Menu

Ensure that your Samsung Galaxy S21 is in the home screen position. Then, swipe down the screen to see several app icons. Focus on a small gear icon on the corner of the screen. Tap this icon to open the settings menu.

  • Go to General Management Menu

You will see several options once you tap the settings menu, including the advanced features, apps, and general management options. Tap the general management option since you want to turn off the predictive text feature.

  • Go to Samsung Keyboard Settings

Now, you will see a new page containing several options, such as language, text-to-speech output, date and time, and Samsung keyboard settings. Tap the Samsung keyboard settings to continue the process

samsung s21 predicrive text

Turn Off the Predictive Text feature

So, how to turn off predictive text on Galaxy 21? The last thing to do is turn off the predictive text toggle. You will see it once you tap the Samsung keyboard settings option. When the toggle is in the right position it means the feature is active or on. Tap the toggle to make it move to the left position. It means that the predictive text is off.

  • Check the Messaging App

Now, go to your messaging app and try to type something. The predictive text feature should be off now.

Tips to use Predictive Text feature maximally on your Samsung S21

You don’t have to turn off predictive text on your Galaxy 21. Instead of doing that, you can set this feature to help you type maximally. Use the following tips and use the predictive text feature comfortably.

Remove a word from Predictive Text suggestions

You may see some predictive words that you don’t want to use. It will be simpler if you remove them. You only have to go to the Samsung keyboard. Then, type a word and see the predictive text bar with several prediction words. Tap and hold the world you want to remove. Hit the OK button, and you will not see the word anymore on the predictive text bar.

samsung s21 predicrive tex feature

  • Auto Capitalize

The predictive text feature on Samsung Galaxy S21 can also help its users to automatically capitalize the first letter of each sentence. Turn on this feature by using the Samsung keyboard settings menu. Tap the more typing options menu. You will see the auto-capitalize option there. Tap the toggle next to the option to turn on or off the feature.

  • Auto Spacing

Instead of tapping the spacebar all the time, you can set the auto spacing feature. Go to the Samsung keyboard settings and tap the more typing options menu. Tap the auto spacing option to turn on or off it.

The most important thing is that you should know how to turn off predictive text on Galaxy S21 in case you need it. Alternatively, you can turn on the predictive text on Galaxy S21 and use it maximally by activating other features.

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