.How to Use Galaxy S21 as a Charger by Using PowerShare Feature

How to Use Galaxy S21 as a Charger by Using PowerShare Feature

Do you know that you can use Galaxy S21 as a charger? Keep in mind that such a technology isn’t available for all devices. And it isn’t available for all Samsung devices either. The company keeps the technology to only limited devices within their lineups. Of course, there are several good reasons why Samsung devices have such technology within their productions. Efficiency and advanced features are one of them.

use galaxy s21 as a charger

Use Galaxy S21 as a charger: Understanding the technology

The idea of enabling your phone to charge other devices (especially other phones) is exciting – and unique! It’s a good thing that Samsung makes such a thing a reality. For their lines of devices, they have the so-called PowerShare technology. This (wireless) technology is Samsung’s innovative feature that allows you to turn your phone into a wireless charger.

The idea is that you can share your power (your battery, really) with other devices. As long as those other devices have Qi certification, they can receive the shared power without any fuss or difficulty. So far, this technology is available for S20 lineups, S21 lineups, and also Z Flip. It can be used to charge wearables (such as Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Watch) or other Qi-certified smartphones.

How to use your Galaxy S21 into a wireless charger

Thanks to this feature, feel free to use your Galaxy S21 to charge other devices. And how can you manage it?

  • Unlock the phone. Make sure that it is accessible.
  • From the home screen, swipe down from the Notification bar then choose the Settings icon.

enable powersharing galaxy s21

  • Select Wireless power sharing, then select the Wireless power sharing switch to enable.
  • Make sure that you ensure both devices to be connected. The connection is crucial when you want to charge and share power. In the event those devices are separated, you only need to reconnect them again to move forward.
  • Place your S21 facedown. Make sure that the surface is flat, sturdy, and smooth. You don’t want to scratch your device, anyway.
  • Put the device (which you want to charge) on the backside of your phone. It should be located right in the center.
  • If the device has a display screen (such as a phone), then the charging screen will light up. If it is the wearables (like Galaxy Buds+), then you should see the charging light turned on.

Some tips to manage the ‘Shared Charging’

  • Check the position of the device. Position affects the connection because different devices have different charging coil.
  • If you use any foldable devices, you have to close them.
  • Be advised that using this feature would affect data services or call reception.
  • Your phone (whose power you want to share with another device) has 30% of battery, minimal.
  • You only need to separate those devices to disconnect them and to stop charging. PowerShare technology turns off automatically after 60 seconds when it doesn’t detect any other device around.
  • Whenever your phone’s battery drops right below the required level, the PowerShare feature would turn off automatically.
  • The charging efficiency or speed will be different from one device to another; as it also depends on the surrounding setting and environment.
  • If you want your device to charge in the most maximum manner, you shouldn’t use it for any other purpose. Even when you charge it (while it shares its power with another device), it will affect the charging speed and efficiency.
  • The reduced battery level of the charging phone doesn’t correspond to the charged device’s percentage increase. Let’s say that your phone has a 79% of battery. After several minutes, it becomes 75%. It doesn’t mean that your charged device would get a 4% of the increase


Those are some of the things you need to know about your S21. Now that you know that you can use Galaxy S21 as a charger, the technology is quite convenient, eh?

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