How to Use Build in Screen Recorder on Samsung Galaxy S21

If you are interested in the new lineup of Galaxy S21, you probably want to learn more about screen recorder on Galaxy S21. It’s a new feature that is claimed to be better than other brands and the technologies are more advanced. What can you do with this feature, anyway? Well, if you like sharing experiences and moments, this would be just the perfect one for you. Galaxy S21 isn’t just another sophisticated device. It’s a device that can connect you to the world.

screen recorder on galaxy s21

How to use screen recorder on your Samsung Galaxy S21

If you want to know how to manage the setting for your Galaxy S21, here are the general steps:

  • Swipe down so you can access the Quick Panel. From there, choose Screen Recorder.
  • On the Sound Settings (you can find it on the menu), go with your preferred tweak, such as the media sounds, no sound, and such thing alike.

build in screen recorder galaxy s21

  • After you are done with the tweaking, press the button ‘Start Recording’.
  • You have two options: You can start recording right away or you need to wait for the countdown (typically a 3-second type).
  • You should be able to see various option ranges on the top side of the screen. Pick one of them.
  • If you want to record yourself (and add it to the video), you need to open the access to the front-face camera. So, click the icon for front camera. In case you don’t know it, the icon is a person-like.

galaxy s21 selfie record

  • Click the icon Pencil if you want to write or scribble something on the screen. Use the S-Pen (if you have the Ultra) or use your fingers.
  • Simply pause the recording process by clicking on the right button. You can also stop it – there is a proper button for it.
  • When you have stopped the video, it would be automatically saved on the phone; respectively, on the Gallery.
  • That’s it! You have performed quite effortless and smooth screen recording.

Be advised that this Galaxy S21 screen recorder feature can’t be used to record VoIP calls, video calls, or phone calls. And you may not know this: Samsung doesn’t use the microSD anymore, so the Galaxy S21 series don’t have the extra external storage. Everything would be kept within the onboard memory. Just so you know.

About Screen Recorder on Galaxy S21 and Its Functions

As you may have been aware, Samsung has released their new Galaxy S21 lines. The phone is said to be one of the best and also the most advanced smartphone today. The features are the ones responsible for the sophisticated title. Among those many helpful features, screen recorder is one of the outstanding features. It enables you to perform screen video recording without you having to use any external app. No need to download anything else.

samsung galaxy s21 gaming

What’s the use of the screen record, anyway? Well, you may want to make a tutorial or you want to explain something. You may want to show your achievements, like winning an event (or a match) within your favorite sport or game?

In short, screen recorder is definitely handy. It’s a good thing that Galaxy S21 lines support this feature. It means that whether you are using the S21 or the Ultra or the Plus, you can make use of this feature. In reality, many Android phones have offered this feature. But it is Samsung that is able to take it to a higher level. Samsung devices include extra features, such as the ability to record audio from microphone and speaker. How cool is that!

Final Words

Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with various handy features to make the operation more convenient and somewhat more fun. The build in screen recorder on Galaxy S21 should be able to help you connect with the loved ones and also the world.

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